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Welcome to Lake Huites Lodge

Lake Huites Lodge - Sinaloa, MexicoBuilt in 1998 , Lake Huites Lodge has quickly gained a reputation as a world-class trophy largemouth bass Mecca. Anglers from around the world have flocked to Lake Huites to hunt for mammoth largemouths, relax in elegant accommodations, and enjoy the fine cuisine and hospitality of Lake Huites Lodge.

For more than three decades, Mexico has been a popular destination for American bass anglers in search of schools of trophy largemouth bass. Unfortunately, many of the once fabled Mexican bass impoundments no longer live up to their legendary reputations - their fisheries having declined as a result of over-harvesting of the - once plentiful - resource and drought conditions that resulted in poor water quality and a decline of baitfish species and bass populations.

Lake Huites Lodge - Sinaloa, MexicoIn the last eleven years, however, one lake has emerged that is helping to restore the mystique of Mexican bass fishing once again.One of the hottest bass lakes in the world is Lake Huites, located on Mexico's West Coast, outside the city of Los Mochis. When at full pool, Huites is a 30,000-acre man-made reservoir that had been initially stocked with Florida strain largemouth bass fingerlings to jump start the fishery. And these bass have taken a liking to the mountainous climate, long growing season and an abundant, protein-rich diet of tilapia and shad and are growing at a rapid rate. When conditions are right, skilled anglers are catching in excess of 75 bass a day and 10 pound plus trophies are being caught with great regularity. The local guides have an intimate knowledge of this deep, clear lake and will take you to prime structures that concentrate Huites’ fantastic bass population.

Lake Huites Lodge - Sinaloa, MexicoThe lodge is owned by longtime Mexico bass fishing promoter Terry Hollan of Amarillo, Texas, founder of the Mexico bass fishing travel agency REEL Mexican Adventures. Lake Huites Lodge is capably managed by Mexico bass fishing expert Manuel Salazar. Manuel is a second generation fishing guide whose job is to instruct the entire staff of Lake Huites Lodge on the best way to offer their American clients a fantastic fishing adventure and hassle free experience in Mexico. You'll stay in grand comfort at Lake Huites Lodge, considered to be the lodge by which all of Lake Huites' other lodges are judged in terms of comfort, cleanliness and quality of the cuisine. You'll be pampered by the entire staff, ranging from the excellent cooks who will prepare both American and Mexican cuisine, to the housekeeping crew that will tidy your room each day, as well as the staff that will wash and iron your clothes each Lake Huites Lodgeday so you don't have to be burdened by overpacking. There's even a tackle shop just in case you left that "hot" lure at home.

Lake Huites Lodge offers direct air charters that land with in 35 minutes of the Lodge.

Whether you're interested in a three day fishing package with your best fishing buddy or a corporate retreat for 20 coworkers for a week, Lake Huites Lodge is the ideal choice for your next Mexico bass angling adventure.